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We create and supply artwork for hotels, offices, residences and spaces where art contributes significantly to create an atmosphere or complete and complement a design concept.

We work in diverse techniques, such as watercolor, acrylic, ink drawings, photography, metal, fiberglass. We also transform utilitarian objects into art through ceramics, earthenware or mosaic.

Step by Step
Our work process can be outlined as follows:

Initial Consultation, where we meet with project owners, architects and/or designers, to understand the design concept, and the desired artwork specifications.

Art Proposal, where we present proposed artwork, exclusively created for client's project, which fulfills the specifications and design concept. The proposed artwork is discussed and evaluated, with the objective of modifying them or of creating new proposed pieces. This process is repeated until client is fully satisfied with the proposed artwork for his project.

Additionally, the art proposal process also involves analysis and discussion of production and/or reproduction alternatives and associated costs, such that the final decision is not based solely on artistic aspects, but also considers cost to project, without ever jeopardizing quality and durability.

In summary, the idea is to work closely with those responsible of the project design concept, contributing creatively to satisfy their specifications, with due consideration to cost and budgeting.

Production and Delivery Scheduling, where we define with client a delivery schedule as required by the project, to program production of the artwork and insure timely deliveries.

Delivery and Installation Supervision, where we work with client in insuring that all artwork is delivered within specifications and is installed appropriately.

• All artwork chosen by client is exclusive, that is to say, it becomes unique for the project and worked in limited editions only.

• Artwork delivered includes a quality guarantee for a period starting on delivery date.

• We operate from San José, Costa Rica, and work with specialized framing and reproduction workshops.

(506) 2289-7141 / (506) 7017-7472
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